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0001434 [1003.1(2016/18)/Issue7+TC2] Shell and Utilities Comment Enhancement Request 2020-12-15 01:08 2024-06-11 09:08
Reporter andras_farkas View Status public  
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Priority normal Resolution Accepted As Marked  
Status Closed  
Name Andras Farkas
User Reference
Section pr
Page Number 3107
Line Number 103845-103847
Interp Status ---
Final Accepted Text Note: 0005283
Summary 0001434: Moving the -p option in the pr utility synopsis
Description In [^]
-f and -p are put together as [-fp] in the synopsis. As far as I can tell, if I understand it right, this is a historical artifact from them being added to POSIX from the old SUS standard at the same time. -f is XSI while -p is normal (required, unshaded) so I feel -p can be moved into [-adFmrt] for [-adFmprt] since those are all the other regular flags that don't take arguments.

I originally noted this as a minor nit here: [^]

An additional thing that could be done might be to move -f too, in the sense of taking it from the very end of the synopsis, and putting it closer to the front, like so:
[-adFmprt] [-f]
Desired Action Move -p into [-adFmrt] to make that section [-adFmprt]
Tags tc3-2008
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andras_farkas (reporter)
2020-12-15 01:10

Or, even, since a single flag can be XSI shaded in a group of flags, maybe even...
[-adfFmprt] or [-adFfmprt] (with XSI shading around the f)
andras_farkas (reporter)
2020-12-15 01:10

Though if that should be a separate issue, I can make that. Or we can rename this issue to "moving multiple options in the pr synopsis" or something like that.
geoffclare (manager)
2021-03-18 15:52

with XSI shading on just the "f" character.

Delete "[ −fp]"
andras_farkas (reporter)
2021-03-19 16:03

That's even better! Thanks, geoffclare.

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2021-04-01 09:40 geoffclare Status Resolved => Applied
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