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0001538 [1003.1(2016/18)/Issue7+TC2] Shell and Utilities Editorial Error 2021-12-05 06:48 2021-12-05 06:48
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Summary 0001538: what -s is poorly described, uses the word "quit"
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The -s option for what is described as so:
Quit after finding the first occurrence of the pattern in each file.
I find the usage of the word 'quit' here unfortunate, as it can be read as exiting or terminating.
Both "in each file" and the behavior of what on various BSDs leads me to believe "quit" isn't the best way to describe the behavior of -s as "what -s foo bar" on the BSDs doesn't quit after finding a pattern in foo. (it also checks bar after) If I understand right, this may be a correct behavior according to the standard.

In the man pages on NetBSD and OpenBSD, they describe -s as follows:
If the -s option is specified, only the first occurrence of an identification string in each file is printed.
On FreeBSD, the following phrasing is used:
Stop searching each file after the first match.
I also checked the phrasing in Solaris 10 and AIX 7.2 but don't have access to test actual behavior. (So I don't know if on SysV, "what -s foo bar" doesn't check bar if a pattern is found in foo)

I don't know if this is an Issue 7 or Issue 8 sort of thing to fix, so I have this marked as Issue 7.
Desired Action There may be a better wording than this, but this is what I recommend.

Quit after finding the first occurrence of the pattern in each file.
For each file, print only the first occurrence of the pattern.

I wonder if there's a way to make this more clear. -s doesn't make "pathname:" not get printed, so "print only" can still be misinterpreted. I'd like feedback and suggestions on this.

On that topic, the normative STDOUT section doesn't specify how printing works when multiple patterns are found, while the informative EXAMPLES section does. (Alternatively, this could be read as the STDOUT and EXAMPLES section defining different outputs)
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