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Shell and Utilities
ObjectionNewOpen2015-11-22"remain in affect after" and "during the execution" are problematic when built-in/function modifies the variable
System Interfaces
ObjectionUnder Review (ajosey)Open2015-11-171. clarify iconv(3) reset usage; 2. truly support Unicode character input
Base Definitions and Headers
ObjectionUnder Review (ajosey)Open2015-11-18iconv function not allowed to fail to convert valid sequences
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2015-11-17PS1 should be subject to command substitution and arithmetic expansion
   000100525[1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialUnder Review (ajosey)Open2015-11-15Add support for thread-safe timestamp conversion across timezones
   0001004 [1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialUnder Review (ajosey)Open2015-11-09Make *_l() complete?
   0001003 [1003.1(2013)/Issue7+TC1]
System Interfaces
EditorialNewOpen2015-11-06Reservation of file-scope identifiers as macros missing
   0001002 [1003.1(2013)/Issue7+TC1]
System Interfaces
EditorialNewOpen2015-11-06Specification of signgam semantics omitted
   0001001 [2008-TC2]
EditorialResolvedAccepted2015-11-12Typo in text to be added to A.7.3.2 LC_COLLATE
   0001000 [2008-TC2]
EditorialResolvedAccepted2015-11-12XBD 4.x and XRAT A.4.x numbering out of sync
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2015-11-06Forbid `Save' command in startup file
   0000998 [2008-TC2]
System Interfaces
ObjectionResolvedAccepted2015-11-05Missing some changes from bug 808
   0000997 [2008-TC2]
System Interfaces
EditorialResolvedAccepted2015-11-05fclose() app usage needs "stream" in italics
System Interfaces
EditorialResolvedAccepted As Marked2015-10-29The <stdint.h> change in XSH 2.2.2 leaves an empty row
   0000995 [2008-TC2]
Base Definitions and Headers
ObjectionResolvedAccepted2015-10-29missed change to User ID definition from bug 511
   0000994 [2008-TC2]
Base Definitions and Headers
ObjectionResolvedAccepted2015-10-29missed uses of <hyphen> when expanding bug 584
   00009934[1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialUnder Review (ajosey)Open2015-11-06Standardizing dladdr()
Front Matter
EditorialResolvedAccepted2015-10-29Draft numbers should match.
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2015-10-19mailx `mbox' command clarification
   0000990 [1003.1(2013)/Issue7+TC1]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2015-10-13Small documentation tweak
   00009896[1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialUnder Review (ajosey)Open2015-10-15Contradicting claims for shell parameter substitution
System Interfaces
EditorialNewOpen2015-10-09Additional error condition for pthread_mutex_lock, pthread_mutex_trylock
Shell and Utilities
CommentNewOpen2015-10-08Add example for quoting within command substitution within double-quotes.
   000098611[1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialUnder Review (ajosey)Open2015-11-10Would it be worth investigating adding strlcpy(), strlcat(), wcslcpy() and wcslcat()?
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionInterpretation RequiredAccepted As Marked2015-11-05quote removal missing from case statement patterns and alternative expansions
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionNewOpen2015-09-11m4exit(0) after an error should result in non-zero exit status
   0000983 [1003.1(2013)/Issue7+TC1]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2015-08-31awk's rand()/srand() spec not useful
System Interfaces
EditorialNewOpen2015-09-28Ambiguity in dlopen's definition of "load order" for symbol resolution
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2015-09-02Remove oudated set -o nolog
   00009807[1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialUnder Review (ajosey)Open2015-09-01*at(): could we have bindat() and connectat() as well?
System Interfaces
EditorialResolved (ajosey)Accepted As Marked2015-10-05AI_V4MAPPED: "ai_addrlen shall be 16", should it really?
   00009783[1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialUnder Review (ajosey)Open2015-09-03Please add CMSG_LEN() and CMSG_SPACE().
Shell and Utilities
EditorialResolved (ajosey)Accepted As Marked2015-08-20Content of insufficiently described.
   0000975 [1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialUnder Review (ajosey)Open2015-08-11fc prevents better history implementations, so remove it or make it optional
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2015-08-10several issues with awk's ARGC/ARGV
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionInterpretation RequiredAccepted2015-09-07paste -s description omits behaviour for empty files
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialInterpretation Required (ajosey)Accepted As Marked2015-09-07PTHREAD_PROCESS_PRIVATE: definition too weak to allow for optimization
   00009712[1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionResolved (ajosey)Accepted As Marked2015-07-23join -t separator underspecified, example incorrect
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionInterpretation Required (ajosey)Accepted As Marked2015-09-07mkstemp() description permits mode 0640 or 0620, should only permit 0600
Shell and Utilities
EditorialInterpretation RequiredAccepted2015-09-07diff output format for -u/-U is too restrictive
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialResolvedAccepted As Marked2015-07-16character set confusion
System Interfaces
EditorialResolvedAccepted As Marked2015-07-23Atomicity requirements for read/write ambiguity
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionInterpretation RequiredAccepted As Marked2015-11-06should m4 treat mkstemp failure as an error?
   0000963 [1003.1(2013)/Issue7+TC1]
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionResolvedAccepted2015-07-30Collation issues in XCU (changes for TC2)
Shell and Utilities
CommentInterpretation RequiredAccepted As Marked2015-09-07Should utilities continue when reading one of multiple files fails?
   0000961 [1003.1(2013)/Issue7+TC1]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2015-06-18permit <semicolon> to terminate {...} command
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionInterpretation RequiredAccepted As Marked2015-09-07export can fail
Shell and Utilities
EditorialResolvedAccepted As Marked2015-07-16misleading description for the "read" utility
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialNewOpen2015-06-11Add an extended set of exit status codes
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2015-06-10Documentation unification regarding PAGER
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