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Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2019-11-27Align c99 -o with reality, the standard should not be more restrictive than implementations
System Interfaces
CommentNewOpen2019-11-27Artificial limit on the number of files in a directory.
Base Definitions and Headers
ObjectionNewOpen2019-11-20Alignment with C17
   00013011[Online Pubs]
Base Definitions
EditorialNewOpen2019-11-15clarify glob("/", GLOB_MARK, ...) behavior
   00013004[Online Pubs]
Base Definitions
EditorialNewOpen2019-11-19clarify GLOB_MARK behavior
   0001299 [1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2]
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialNewOpen2019-11-11netinet_in.h should be netinet/in.h
   0001298 [1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2]
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionNewOpen2019-11-01ed CONSEQUENCES OF ERRORS unclear about diagnostic message
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2019-10-15Potentially misleading wording wrt removal of empty fields
System Interfaces
ObjectionNewOpen2019-10-15EOVERFLOW does not make sense for tmpfile
Shell and Utilities
CommentNewOpen2019-10-29Left brackets in shell patterns may cause other pattern matching characters to be taken literally in all contexts
Shell and Utilities
CommentNewOpen2019-11-06POSIX recognizes the existence of dynamically loadable, executable object files, but provides no way of producing them.
Base Definitions and Headers
CommentNewOpen2019-10-10Add method to obtain pthread attributes
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialInterpretation RequiredAccepted As Marked2019-10-07arpa/inet.h - origin of socklen_t is unclear
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-21netdb.h - in_port_t and in_addr_t do not appear to be needed
   0001288 [1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2]
Base Definitions and Headers
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-21RE Bracket Expression item 8 should not say "rejected as an error"
System Interfaces
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-12-05fnmatch() handling of backslash in bracket expressions
   0001286 [1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2]
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-21positive increments *increase* the nice value in renice
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-21There should be a line-break before the 2nd trap in the synopsis
   0001284 [1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2]
System Interfaces
CommentAppliedAccepted2019-11-21The sense of "checksum" test is too narrow.
System Interfaces
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-12-05should chmod() ignore file type bits in st_mode
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialNewOpen2019-08-24mqueue.h - pthread_attr_t is listed as defined but unclear why
   0001281 [1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2]
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-21ex substitute command missing statement about error
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-21Error requirements with UTIME_OMIT
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionNewOpen2019-08-22non-name=value should not be an ASSIGNMENT_WORD
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-20Problems with -n flag in the specification of pax.
   0001277 [1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted2019-11-20Use of <slash> in an ERE in awk
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionNewOpen2019-08-22incorrect resolution in 0000839
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionNewOpen2019-07-30pathname expansion errors
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialNewOpen2019-09-10pid_t must fit in an int for definition of fcntl to be consistent.
System Interfaces
ObjectionNewOpen2019-07-28glob()'s GLOB_ERR/errfunc and non-directory files
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-20colon doesn't "expand its arguments" and must not process options
   00012711[1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
System Interfaces
EditorialUnder Review (ajosey)Open2019-08-15clock_nanosleep() TIMER_ABSTIME: if rmtp is non-NULL, set it to clock_id's time value when returning.
   0001270 [1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2]
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-20pax -n SYNOPSIS change from POSIX.2b was not applied
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionResolvedAccepted As Marked2019-08-15yacc: yychar is mentioned but not further specified
   0001268 [1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2]
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-20Expansions in double-quotes
Shell and Utilities
CommentAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-20sh HOME should not be UP shaded
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-12-05sh -s with operands
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-12-05Knock-on effects of Issue 7 change to XCU 2.8.1
System Interfaces
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-12-05"default locale" inadequately specified in newlocale()
System Interfaces
ObjectionNewOpen2019-06-18Add ppoll( )
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-200000941 fix incorrectly applied
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-12-05missing first line in ls example output
Shell and Utilities
CommentAppliedAccepted2019-12-04"kill pid" XSI only
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-20wrong description for find -atime +7 example
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-20incorrect usage of "." utility in "export" example.
   0001257 [1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2]
Base Definitions and Headers
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-20Missing "usable in #if" requirement for <stdbool.h>
   0001256 [1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2]
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-19Mismatch with C99 over number of external symbols
System Interfaces
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-19improper shell code in glob() example
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionNewOpen2019-07-15"asynchronous list" description uses "command" instead of "AND-OR list"
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-10-24clarify that "alternative time" means tm_isdst is positive
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