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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusResolutionUpdatedSummary
   0001763 [Online Pubs]
System Interfaces
EditorialNewOpen2023-07-18double backticks and apostrophes not converted to quotation marks
   0001762 [Online Pubs]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2023-07-17double backticks and apostrophes not converted to quotation marks
   0001761 [Online Pubs]
Base Definitions
EditorialNewOpen2023-07-17double backticks and apostrophes not converted to quotation marks
   0001760 [Online Pubs]
EditorialNewOpen2023-07-17double backticks and apostrophes not converted to quotation marks
   0001759 [Online Pubs]
EditorialNewOpen2023-07-17line breaks missing in "Shell Command Language" code examples
   00017581[Online Pubs]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted2023-07-17line break missing in "Arithmetic Expansion" example
   00017561[Online Pubs]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted2023-07-17awk: line breaks missing between output_redirection forms
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialNewOpen2024-06-13iconv: please be more explicit in input-not-convertible case
   00016333[Issue 8 drafts]
Base Definitions and Headers
CommentNewOpen2023-03-06Add memrchr
   00016286[Online Pubs]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2024-07-11Add -o (reopen stdin) option to xargs(1)
   00016232[Online Pubs]
Main Index
EditorialUnder Review (ajosey)Rejected2023-01-20website inaccessible via ipv6
   0001622 [Issue 8 drafts]
System Interfaces
EditorialNewOpen2022-12-04Standardize getpeereid function
   00016163[Issue 8 drafts]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialNewOpen2023-02-22Standardize mktemp utility
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialNewOpen2022-11-03Addition of a POSIX.utf-8 locale (likely as 7.3 "POSIX.utf-8 locale")
   00015432[Online Pubs]
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted2022-01-06wordexp() page has incorrect link to Word Expansions material
   00015391[Online Pubs]
Main Index
EditorialAppliedAccepted2021-12-10Version not updated in new release.
   00014653[Online Pubs]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted2021-11-22trap synopsis missing newline
   00014592[Online Pubs]
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted2021-11-22signgam.html differs from lgamma.html
   00014583[Online Pubs]
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted2021-11-12semctl missing first link to sys/sem.h
   00014122[Online Pubs]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialApplied (ajosey)Accepted2021-02-18Potential missing newline in pax examples section
   00014071[Online Pubs]
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2020-10-02HTML edition has expr table in reversed order
   00014032[Online Pubs]
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted2020-09-23psiginfo page has broken links to siginfo.h header
   00014026[Aardvark Bugs]
Aardvark Mk IV
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2021-02-08No 2018 project for bugs, on Aardvark here
   00013391[Online Pubs]
Main Index
EditorialAppliedAccepted2020-05-04bzip2 download has not been updated
   00013381[Online Pubs]
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted2020-05-04creat and open have similar missing BR element between includes
   00013355[Online Pubs]
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted2020-04-30Missing newline or BR element on fstatat() page
   00013344[Online Pubs]
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2020-04-08Possible bad troff to HTML conversion in Portability Considerations section of XRAT
   00013337[Online Pubs]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2020-04-08talk.html page seems to have a missing newline in example text
   00013263[Online Pubs]
Base Definitions
EditorialAppliedAccepted2020-04-30Superfluous punctuations
   00013223[Online Pubs]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted2020-04-30Bizarre HTML rendering for an -o option on ls page
System Interfaces
EditorialResolvedAccepted As Marked2019-12-19clarify glob("/", GLOB_MARK, ...) behavior
Base Definitions and Headers
CommentNewOpen2019-10-10Add method to obtain pthread attributes
   00012482[Online Pubs]
Front Matter
EditorialAppliedAccepted2019-05-07"IEEE dies not" typo.
   00012361[Online Pubs]
Base Definitions
EditorialResolvedAccepted2019-06-26XSI start marker incorrectly placed for TSVTX in tar.h
Shell and Utilities
EditorialResolvedDuplicate2018-05-10rule 3, 4, 5 do not say that a token is started, if needed
   00010601[Online Pubs]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted2017-08-10awk: lexical conventions, item 5: Bad troff conversion to html '"''. displayed as ' .'
   0001035 [2008-TC2]
System Interfaces
CommentResolvedAccepted2016-03-17TC2 does not fully correct the SA_SIGINFO/XSI problem in sigaction() ERRORS
   00010145[Online Pubs]
Shell and Utilities
EditorialResolved (ajosey)Accepted2015-12-18HTML-formatting error
Shell and Utilities
EditorialResolvedAccepted As Marked2015-12-17Mismatched brackets
   0001001 [2008-TC2]
EditorialResolvedAccepted2015-11-12Typo in text to be added to A.7.3.2 LC_COLLATE
   0001000 [2008-TC2]
EditorialResolvedAccepted2015-11-12XBD 4.x and XRAT A.4.x numbering out of sync
   0000998 [2008-TC2]
System Interfaces
ObjectionResolvedAccepted2015-11-05Missing some changes from bug 808
   0000997 [2008-TC2]
System Interfaces
EditorialResolvedAccepted2015-11-05fclose() app usage needs "stream" in italics
System Interfaces
EditorialResolvedAccepted As Marked2015-10-29The <stdint.h> change in XSH 2.2.2 leaves an empty row
   0000995 [2008-TC2]
Base Definitions and Headers
ObjectionResolvedAccepted2015-10-29missed change to User ID definition from bug 511
   0000994 [2008-TC2]
Base Definitions and Headers
ObjectionResolvedAccepted2015-10-29missed uses of <hyphen> when expanding bug 584
Front Matter
EditorialResolvedAccepted2015-10-29Draft numbers should match.
   00009555[Online Pubs]
Base Definitions
EditorialResolvedAccepted As Marked2016-07-01Typo '\".
   0000921 [Aardvark Bugs]
Aardvark Mk III
EditorialNewOpen2015-02-05please add support for the tt (typewriter text) tag
   00008872[Online Pubs]
Main Index
EditorialNewOpen2022-05-12printf and other functions appear many times in search results
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